Today’s health professions students will be entering a rapidly changing work environment. The ability to work across professions is being emphasized and clinical professionals are expected to recognize non-clinical factors that impact a patient’s health. The IL AHEC Scholars Program is designed to give students in-depth knowledge and a diverse set of skills to ensure success.

IL AHEC Scholars are recognized as being individuals who are committed to improving health and health care and are devoted to community service. They are interested in improving their own skills and in working with other professionals in team-based care. Over the course of participation in the two year program, students will:

  • Acquire new knowledge and skills by participating in community service activities
  • Define, assess, and report on how social determinants of health impact population health outcomes
  • Respect, value, and communicate effectively with individuals of other professions to promote and advance the health of individuals and populations
  • Identify, assess, and address behavioral health needs in a practice-based healthcare setting
  • Evaluate the responsibility and impact of culturally competent care within the healthcare system
  • Understand the transformation of clinical practice in response to a rapidly changing healthcare environment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of emerging health issues on the population, and strategies to better address these issues in the healthcare setting